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Make Yoga Accessible Worldwide

Remove barriers of entry for military members to access yoga practices that promote health, healing & resilience!

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We're Supporting WAE Teachers, One Class At A Time!

When making a donation, please select the teacher whose class you attended that day under "Apply My Donation To"! We appreciate your support!

Warriors at Ease created a platform for its teachers to continue the mission of promoting health, healing and resilience within the military community by removing barriers of entry yoga and meditation. How did we do this? By offering weekly, live online classes that can be accessed anywhere in the world via YouTube!

In the wake of COVID-19, many Warriors at Ease Teachers have lost income from their regularly scheduled in-person classes. We seek to support them during these challenging and uncertain times by:

  • Making a commitment to donating 50% of proceeds gathered per class taught by a Warriors at Ease Teachers to those teachers who host a class (up to $15 per class).

Warriors at Ease is continually grateful for the generosity of its students, teachers and supporters. It's thanks to folks like YOU that allows us to do what we do and support our amazing teachers, all of whom are dedicated to this work.